​We at Cape Wood Decking strive to transform unused and unsightly patio areas into welcoming and desirable living spaces. Our Wood decking options for your patio, pool or any unused spaces in and around your home can create and add a wonderful extension and ambiance to your new or existing outside patio and pool areas. There are many wood decking alternatives that can have away of changing and revitalising different areas of your home.

Things that Cape Wood Decking can do!

  • Utilise unused and unsightly patio areas into entertainment spaces you can be proud of.

  • Extensions to existing patio areas, will make a vast improvement on the current living area.

  • We can transform almost any unused waterproofed area into a fantastic cosy nook or fabulous entertainment area.
  • By extending your current living area you will improve the market value and aesthetics of your property. 

  • Balustrades can be a wonderful add-on to the patio area, keeping the area safe while opening up the feel of the surrounding space and enhance the view. 

We pride ourselves in our capability to design our balustrades in a way that will not obstruct the view, while providing you and your family with the peace of mind that safety brings. 

  • For the areas that require a bit more privacy, we can custom design screens to allow for privacy without losing the view. 

Our 25 years experience in design and construction makes us the ideal company to complete your project while adhering to lifestyle and aesthetical requirements.

We specialise in all the local hardwoods as well as the imported hardwoods like Garapa, Balau and Massarunduba, more exotic timbers are always an option.​​​

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Wood Patio Decking

We offer a wide range of products, Decks, Balustrades, Patio roofs, Jetty's, Staircases, Walkways/ramps and Pergola's.  All customed designed to suite your every need.

Cape Outdoor decking products are not only affordable and maintenance free, but eco-friendly too. All wood & composite wood products are natural or made up of recycled timber, sustainable bamboo, high-density polypropylene, UV stabilizers and bonding agents. These materials combined create an exceptional and durable composite product, repelling moisture offering a completely maintenance free product.  The waste renewable and natural fibers that is used is perfect for environmentally conscious customers, looking to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

​​We work closely with Architects, Builders, Project Mangers, Landscape Designers and off course with Mr Home Owner.

20 Ways to Upgrade your Deck.

We at Cape Wood Decking pride ourselves in flawless installation and customer satisfaction. Our installation methodology allows for difficult designs over patio roofs and over waterproofed areas.

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