Balau is a Malaysian hardwood timber. In its natural form it is light brown in colour.
We stock carefully selected 19x90mm 1st Grade Bangkirai Balau decking. Quality is very important to us and we source from the best suppliers.
Our decking is machined from kiln dried timber. With proper care it is very durable and suitable for use as exterior decking.

Balau decking is available in smooth or reeded (fine grooves) on 1 face. If laid with the grooves on top, sanding and oiling is more difficult as water collects in the grooves, and screws are difficult to hide and countersink neatly. We therefore recommend that it should be laid smooth face upwards.

Due to Balau being a natural product and usually installed in adverse conditions (i.e. direct sunlight), some movement of the timber can be expected but can be minimized by correct installation. 50mm joist for good support are advisable. Joist spacing for 19mm x 90mm boards are 450mm and plank spacing of 4mm - 6mm is recommended.

Cape Outdoor decking products are not only affordable and eco-friendly, but also maintenance free to an extent (depending on various timber / composite options). All wood & composite wood products are natural or made up of recycled timber, sustainable bamboo, high-density polypropylene, UV stabilizers and bonding agents. These materials combined create an exceptional and durable composite product. The renewable waste and natural fibers that are used is perfect for environmentally conscious customers, looking to reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact.

​We work closely with Architects, Builders, Project Managers, Landscape Designers and off course with Mr Home Owner.

Cape Pool Decking and Refurbishment

We at Cape Pool Decking have over 25 years decking experience in the Western Cape & Cape Town city, suburbs and towns. We can confidently advise you on the correct variations of wood decking that may apply to your region and more specifically to your home. With wood being our passion, we created an entire business centered around providing individuals with access to some of the best hardwood pool decking, flooring, patio decking and paneling options available anywhere in the Western Cape.

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Garapa Natural Pool decking 

Balau Pool Decking

Garapa is an ideal wood choice for exterior wood decking around the pool or on your patio area. Garapa should be kiln dried which makes it very stable, insect and rot resistant. It's also a lot easier to work with than some other hardwoods. Garapa is becoming a great alternative for those who don't like a darker hardwood but would still like a quality lighter wood option. Also resistant to decay, splinters and scratches, but harder than oak and bearing a smooth surface. Kiln dried to the correct moisture content for Cape Town therefore adapting to the environment easily.

Pine Pool


Garapa Grey Composite Pool Decking

We offer a wide range of products, Decks, Balustrades, Patio roofs, Jetty's, Staircases, Walkways/ramps and Pergola's.  All customed designed to suit your every need.

Garapa is probably the most popular hardwood decking originating from South America. In its natural form it is light orange/brown in colour. It is very durable and an excellent exterior decking solution. Garapa weighs approximately 900 kilograms per cube. It is very stable and shows little to no movement after installation.

Pine decking is an excellent exterior decking. If installed and screwed correctly, there is little reason that pine decking should not outlast almost any hardwood. Pine decking is softer than it's hardwood counterparts and do scratch and makes dings easier. The knots in pine also brings it's unique look into play.

We treat our pine decking to comply with CCA H3 exterior specifications ensuring guaranteed protection against timber rot and termite attack.

Our decking is manufactured from dried and selected Southern Cape Radiata pine. This is the best quality pine available and is vastly superior to pine species from the northern area of South Africa