• Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Venezuela
  • Eastern Peru



  • Sapwood narrow and whitish in colour.
  • Heartwood mainly yellowish varying from yellow-pink to yellow-brown.
  • The wood is lustrous with a straight grain and fine uniform texture.
  • Very hard, strong, heavy and tough.
  • 800 - 900 kg/m³

Also known as:

  • Amerelino
  • Grapia
  • Muirajuba
  • Jutahy
  • Grapiapunha

Common uses:

  • Flooring.
  • Decking.
  • Boatbuilding.

                                                              Cape Outdoor Decking Review:

Garapa is kiln dried to the right moisture content of Cape Town. Making it one of the most stable decking timbers for our climate. Garapa is easy to work with, tough and very durable. Because of the finer grain we at Cape Outdoor Decking like to recommend Garapa to use around pool areas.

Garapa can be sealed or left natural. Left natural it will turn into a nice Silver-Gray colour over a period  of ± 9 months. If sealed the natural wood colour will be retained and needs to be sealed on an annual basis (a service we provide, to decks installed by us). Garapa is also available in structural sizes, ideal for matching Balustrades, Screens, Pergolas and associated structures. Hairline cracks is a characteristic of most hardwoods, Garapa no exception. With sealing Garapa cracking can be limited to an extend.

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