• South East Asia

Also known as:

  • Shorea guiso
  • Laeviflora
  • Maxwelliana
  • Plagata
  • Selangan Batu
  • Membatu
  • Guijo

Cape Outdoor Decking Review:

Balau is a stubborn timber to work with. Very hard and durable. Balau likes to move whilst drying out to the circumstances on site, therefor needs to be secured properly. We at Cape Outdoor Decking use two 50mm long Stainless Steel screws every 450mm to make sure boards are fixed properly to joist to prevent lifting after installation. Balau can be left natural to weather silver-gray or can be oiled for esthetical purposes and to help prevent splintering and cracking. Depending on the environment Balau decking can last as long as 20 years. The moisture content of Balau needs to be check prior to installation to make sure movement and cracking after installation is kept to the minimum. Surface cracks, splinters and resin pockets is a characteristic of Balau. A thorough sanding a couple of weeks after installation is recommended  to get rid of splinters as the grain lifts during drying process.

Weathered Balau

90 x 19mm Balau Board

Common uses:

  • Heavy duty structural work.
  • Bridges.
  • Wharf construction.
  • Sleepers.
  • Flooring.
  • Decking.
  • Boat framing.

Natural color of Balau


  • Color varies from a pale straw, yellow, brown to dark reddish.
  • Has a coarse texture with medium to large pores.
  • Grain is sometimes interlocked.
  • Weight 800-1000 Kg/m³.
  • Balau is noted for its strength and toughness.
  • Depending on species its extremely durable even in tropical conditions.
  • Hard to work with due to its high density and has blunting effect on tools.

​Balau left Natural.


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